How to Have Fun With Online Bingo

How to Have Fun With Online Bingo

In years past, no youngster would have been able to afford to play bingo in the UK. The activity was linked almost exclusively with the middle classes and WAS gross harassment of the poor.

This scenario seems oddly AtHome replicated in today’s online bingo scene. Bingo websites are everywhere, offering everyone one hundred different variations of the game, and the playing is often so extent.

My sister and I kick Started to enjoy bingo by playing online bingo. Even though the sites that we played it atforced us to download the games onto our pc, we both juno soon realized the sites where generally a no-brainer. We could literally open up any bingo site in the net and play, which was nice.

Our first bingo endeavor was a complete win. We had just read about the many tips on how to win at bingo and decided to use very few of them to begin with. We got on with the 3 bingo games we knew and hit a set of halls that just had no end. Very quickly we picked up and started winning. We had to admit that though, we had been doing this all wrong.

After enjoying a couple of weeks off on our self fascination, we started to look for more bingo online. We wanted to try out all penny bingo games, not the ones that just asked for a credit card number. We found a few, but we kept passing them by. We wanted to give penny bingo a try, without risking a penny of real money.

Off we went to a site called “Bingo Gala” that was a favorite of mine. Once there, we had a go and hit the table limits. Very quickly we realized that we were leery of this new martingale type of play. Sure enough, it was coming to the same. We played a few more, and sure enough, we started to lose.

At this point we were ready to either get out of the market, or to wait it out and go back to square one. So we did, and we continued to play bingo. We both agreed that it wasn’t quite the same, so we went back to playing for free.

Not long after this, we decided that the flash was a little better, and so we went back. This time we played for real money. Sure enough, we ran into the same people that were playing the flash game. They were pretty much the same, and we struck up a conversation and so did they. Soon we were playing against them and losing once again.

At this point we knew that we had to go to one of the bigger sites in order to play for real. So we spent a couple of evenings playing on several bingo sites. During the course of the evening, we each received a payout of 1.00 credits and 1.00 credits were given to the chat alone. (we believe the only time this happened was when someone won a jackpot on one of the bingo rooms)

We had about $600 of the $1500 left and decided to stop for the night. We were due to stop in about midnight, so we figured we had a little bit of money left. Not really wanting to lose twice, we decided to call it a night and try to come back a little later in the day. Just as luck was saying, “good night,” the room went to hit the switch and went boom! We each had about $900 of the original $1500.00 that we won. Not a bad evening by any means, and we certainly had fun raising the hell! We believe that everyone who was in that room did win a jackpot that night, and we hope that those who are still with us never find themselves in that situation.


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